Early diagnose increases the chances of better treatment in all cases. Orhun Medical Center has equipped with a breakthrough technology for the breast imaging. We recommend that all women above the age of 40 to have a regular digital mammogram check-up, once a year.

It is a fairly new technique for mammary glands imaging in order to diagnose the neoplasm presences and other diseases. This method is becoming more and more widespread and accepted within clinical practice thanks to its advanced analytical capabilities, diffusion and storage of the obtained data.

During a mammogram, a patient’s breast is placed on a flat support plate and compressed with a parallel plate called a paddle. An x-ray machine produces a small burst of x-rays that pass through the breast to a detector located on the opposite side. The detector transmits electronic signals to a computer to form a digital image. The images produced are called mammograms.


  • If you are 40 or older
  • In case of a nodule in the mammary gland
  • With an inverted or altered nipple of the mammary gland
  • In case of pain in the mammary gland, or a pressure feeling
  • In case of sudden bluish spots appearances on the mammary gland
  • In case of a change of breast shape
  • With inflammation of the mammary gland


  • Low pain
  • Detailed and accurate results
  • Digital results will allow your results and consultation to travel anywhere in the world
  • High speed of examination: the procedure takes 5 minutes
  • Lower health risk thanks to 70% less radiation dose, as oppose to analog mammography
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Environmental friendly: no physical and chemical film used